A Bigger Glass Bottom Boat Acquired


A new and bigger Glass Bottom Boat (GBB) was acquired by the Municipality of Sablayan to boost its Ecotourism Program. It can comfortably accommodate 25 passengers and comes with complete set of safety gadgets such as individual life jacket. For a one-hour cruise ride for only One Thousand Pesos (Ps 1,000.00), tourists can enjoy the underwater wonders of Sablayan without getting oneself wet.


ECOTOURISM Code of Sablayan Being Legislated


In a string of milestones, the Municipality of Sablayan is a again posed to become the first in the province to come up with the “Sablayan Tourism Code”. Already on undergone a series of meetings by the Sangguniang Bayan Committee on Tourism, the Code is slated to be subjected to feedback and inputs during a public hearing to be called for its purpose, scheduled on the first week of August.


 The Tourism Code will provide for the management, promotion and advancement of the Sablayan Tourism Industry.


Watch out for;

Sablayan's TOURIST Destination featured at PTV 4 Veronica Chronicles episode "LAKBAY"
on May 19, 2014, 8:00pm.

Mindoro Dwarf Buffalo
(Bubalus mindorensis)
is a small hoofed mammal belonging to the family Bovidae. It is endemic to the island of Mindoro in the Philippines and is the only endemic Philippine bovine. It is believed, however, to have once also thrived on the greater island of Luzon..
The first inhabitants of Mindoro. They belong to the Malay race. Like most natives in the Philippines, these people are short with snub noses and brown complexion.

Among the seven clans - Alangan, Buhid, Iraya, Hanunuo, Tadyaoan, Ratagnon and Batangan occupying the land, Batangas and the Alangans inhabit Sablayan, a town in the mid-western portion of the island.
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