Local Cuisine & Delicacies

ESPASOL – another favorite of Filipinos in the rice-snack recipes, espasol is made of glutinous rice flour cooked in coconut milk that is formed into log shapes and rolled in toasted rice flour to give that espasol its signature look. An easy enough recipe to follow, the tedious process of stirring the mixture for an hour is what makes this delicacy a treat as very few make them. Sablayan is fortunate to have a local who makes this sweet treat too.

PAKUMBO – or bukayo is made of grated coconut that is mixed with sugar and dayap (lime) and then fried, a common merienda of Filipinos who grow coconut in their area.

SUMAN NA MAIS – a variety of a signature Filipino cuisine, Suman na Mais or Sumang Mais. This is a type of rice cake that uses corn as the main starch. It is made by grating the corn to remove the kernels from the cob then sugar and coconut is added. It is then placed back in the cork husk and steamed.