Our stunning landscapes and friendly locals are closer than you think.
Wake up in a place where something new awaits you every day.

Sablayan is located at the center of the Province of
Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. There are many
different ways to reach Sablayan.

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Nestled in the bustling island sceneries, Sablayan delights your senses on its verdant forests and mountains, pristine beaches, and breath-taking sanctuaries of endemic birds and fauna. Frolic under the sunshine while being tossed and caressed by the waves as you play with gentle creatures of underwater paradises – the Apo Reef Natural Park. Go camping, trekking, caving, and communing with nature and be immersed in the culture of the locals. Be privileged too, to have cultural exchanges with the original inhabitants of the island – the Mangyans. Marvel on the magnificent Tamaraw (Bubalus Mendorensis) as you head for a nature safari in the mountains of Iglit-Baco, a protected natural, and ASEAN Heritage Park.

Your travel to Sablayan is never complete if you haven’t zipped your way to Pandan Island through the 1.7 km world longest island to island zip line ride. Visit the 16th-century church at the foot of Presing Park. Glean on history and culture as you wind your way to our museum, marketplace, and other establishments around.

Explore nature, culture, and adventure! Be among those many who are charmed and mesmerized by Sablayenos’ warmth and hospitality. Be home, come, and experience Trailblazing Sablayan.

Andres D. Dangeros
Municipal Mayor