Our stunning landscapes and friendly locals are closer than you think.
Wake up in a place where something new awaits you every day.

Sablayan is located at the center of the Province of
Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. There are many
different ways to reach Sablayan.

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Welcome to Trailblazing Sablayan!

Discover delightful surprises at the heart of Occidental Mindoro. Feast your senses at the sights and sounds of our natural wonders, many are found nowhere else in the world. Trek, camp, go caving, bird watching and commune with nature in our lush forests and mountains. Have cultural encounters with the original inhabitants, the gentle mangyans. Frolic in refreshing cool waters, swim with fishes amid spectacular corals. Worship the sun, let your hair down, relax and abandon worries in our fine beaches and natural sceneries.

Here, you can explore the underwater paradise that is Apo Reef Natural Park, the largest atoll-like reef in Asia and a center marine biodiversity. Heed the call of the wild and take a tamaraw and nature safari in the mighty Mts Iglit-Baco, a protected national and ASEAN heritage park. Be among the privileged few to see in their wild habitats the colorful forest birds found only in our island.

Nature… culture… adventure…… along with warmth, hospitality and charm of the Sablayenos will certainly make your stay pleasurable. Come, visit us and experience Trailblazing Sablayan!