Mounts Iglit – Baco Natural Park

Mts. Iglit-Baco Natural Park was declared an ASEAN Heritage Park, it is an important biodiversity site and the domain of the Mangyans. It is the habitat of the biologically important flora and fauna notably the national animal, the Tamaraw (Bubalus Mindorensis), which is endemic only to the island. It has an area of approximately 106,600 hectares, with two-thirds belonging to Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro.

Mounts Iglit - Baco National Park
Mounts Iglit - Baco National Park
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Mounts Iglit - Baco National Park
Mounts Iglit - Baco National Park
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-Tamaraw watching
-Bird watching
-Mountain climbing/trekking/hiking


  1. Environmental Fee to be paid at Sablayan Tourism Office:
    • Sablayeño – Php. 25 (to avail, present a valid ID)
    • Sablayeño (Senior Citizen) – Free
    • Tourist – Php. 55
    • Tourist (Senior Citizen) – Php. 55 less 20%
  2. Entrance Fee to be paid in the area:
  3. Local tour Guide- Fee- Php. 1,000/day/group
  4. Porter Fee- Php. 500/day


  • Use of PA Facilities
    1. Cottages:
      • Day: Php. 500.00
      • Night: Php. 1,000.00
    2. Camping Site: Php. 200.00
    3. Use of Picnic Huts: Php. 200.00
    4. Use of Multi-purpose Hall:
      • Php. 300.00/Half day
      • Php. 500.00/day
    5. Use of Picnic Huts
  • Parking Area
    • Tricycle/Motorcycle: Php. 20.00 (1st 2 hours) 5.00 per succeeding hr.
    • Car/SUV: Php. 10.00 per succeeding hr.
    • Passenger Jeep/Coaster: Php. 20.00/per succeeding hr.
    • Mini Bus/Tour Bus: Php. 150.00 (1st 2 hours) 30.00 per succeeding hr.
  • Recreational Activity:
    1. Hiking:
      • Filipino- Php. 60.00
      • Foreigner- Php. 100.00
    2. Swimming:
      • Filipino- Php. 60.00
      • Foreigner- Php. 100.00
  • Commercial Documentation:
    • Photography/Film: Php. 5,000.00
  • Trekking/Mountain Climbing:
    • Filipino- Php. 250.00
    • Foreigner- Php. 500.00

For other inquiries, contact Sablayan Tourism Office/Sablayan Tourist Information and Assistance Center at the following:

Hotline: 0998 546 5917/0917 170  6723
Landline: (043) 458 0028
Facebook account: Sablayan Tourism
Facebook page: Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

As per General Ordinance No. 2021-GO028 “Eco-Tour Ordinance of Sablayan”, all tourists are required to register/book at the Tourism Office upon arrival.

Take note that Mts. Iglit – Baco Natural Park is still closed for tourism visits/activities.